We’re watching the water recede beneath our feet. That swell on the horizon, the one we can’t out-run – that’s ObamaCare.

William S Middleton Memorial Hospital in Madison Wisconsin is about to come under the microscope.

Veterans are reporting they are being withheld treatment, often with deadly consequences. Josh Tolley reports that hospital employees disagree with “policies” that allow patients to die, but they have to follow the rules.

The results: Broken bones left unset, infections left untreated or Veterans allowed to die. This is a place where you can go in for a broken bone, and come out in a casket.

There continues to be an ‘inexplicable’ cause to the continued backlog of claims and treatment for returning Veterans.

From: “VA honcho to step down – with parting shot from congressman”

Word of his departure comes six days after members of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America met with White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough about the chronically long claims-benefits backlog, which is managed by VA. The leader of that veteran’s group, Paul Rieckhoff, called on President Obama to find an immediate fix for the backlog, adding the time had come “to go above the VA” on the problem.

We can rule out money as the issue: “The VA paid roughly $6.1 million for two conferences in 2011″

So what is a “Death Panel”? It is simply a set of rules.

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  2. The VA-Western New York Healthcare System recently got cited by the Office of Special Counsel for Health Care Records Mismanagement (ie. Moldy records,wrong social security numbers, records in severe disarray,lost records,etc).

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