What we do know: Boston Bomber attended CIA Workshop before Attack


Boston Marathon, organized by the alleged bomb attack Tamerlian and Cohar Çarnayev ‘s uncle, Ruslan Çarnayev ‘in’ Prince of Darkness’ father in law, nicknamed Graham Fuller, ‘le aiding Chechen rebels documented. Ruslan Çarnayev, 1995, Graham Fuller former Chief of the CIA’s Turkey desk charity founded by the order. ‘RESISTANCE TO IMPORTANT’ Fuller’s house was shown as the address of this organization was founded in Washington, DC. Until the end of 1996, the association has sent huge donations to the Chechen rebels. Even the famous Chechen rebel Muhammad Shashank about it, Fuller, and Ruslan sent a thank you letter. Footwear and equipment primarily due to the benefits sent to Shashank stating their happiness, “this support is very important to us coming to the Resistance,” he wrote. CIA DA MONEY GONE Fuller Allegedly, the CIA’s covert Chechen rebels reached the grant monies received. Association used to help in this regard. Fuller, half the questions left unanswered. However, in the face of persistent questions, he is now retired, and pointed out that in the past, it stops the unofficial support of any institution.

via Thank you letter – Calendar – May 2, 2013.

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