Venezuela’s president praises Snowden but stops short of asylum offer

Eager to capitalize on an opportunity to stick-it to the US, Maduro shows up at a press conference begging and pleading for Snowden to visit Venezuela.

The Venezuelan leader, who just last week said it was “almost certain” he’d bestow asylum for Snowden, spoke of little else but Snowden’s courage and American malice in one public appearance after another in Moscow.

He told reporters early in the day that Snowden is a “young American who has dared to say big truths, that the imperialist elite of the United States want to control the world, that they spy on friends and foes, that they spy on the whole world, that they have created an evil system, halfway Orwellian, that intends to control the communications of the world.”

He then said on Venezuelan state television that Snowden “has done humanity a favor.”

via Venezuela’s president praises Snowden but stops short of asylum offer.

About the toilet paper: It seems that nationalizing national industries keeps producing the opposite of Utopia. Of course, it’s the evil capitalists that keep fouling their plans. Marxists can’t seem to accept the effect of their economic policies:

Extensive shortages of foods and other basics are hitting Venezuela’s economy hard. It is becoming more and more difficult to find milk, sugar or toilet paper on supermarket shelves. Unseemly scrambles break out when these products are in stock (watch a Univision video, in Spanish).

Scenes of Venezuelans waiting in line for several hours and then stampeding around supermarkets were a sporadic occurrence during the days of the late president Hugo Chavez. Under his successor Nicolas Maduro, they are run-of-the-mill. The central bank’s scarcity index rose to 21.3% in April, its highest since the measure started in 2009.

The government blames the private food sector for instigating  an economic war, using the weapons of hoarding and cutting food production. Nevertheless, the subsidized food and basic supplies are affected just as badly as the private supermarkets. “We are going to resolve the economic war and the deep shortage of some products,” Maduro said. On May 14, he met with Lorenzo Mendoza, billionaire boss of Empresas Polar, Venezuela’s largest food company which produces 48% of the country’s flour, 35% of its pasta, 20% of its rice, and 11% of its cooking oil.

via Toilet paper won’t wipe away Venezuela’s food shortages

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