In case you thought our government has only recently gone out of control (emphasis mine):

Some thought war is inevitable, others clung to hope they could slow or stop it. Either way, people in Washington and around the world joined Saturday in an outpouring of dissent no less persistent than the buildup of forces ready to strike Iraq.

The cries against war were summarized on the swarming grounds of the National Mall by Sally Baker, a teacher from Albany, N.Y.: “It’s not right. It’s not just. It’s not going to make us any safer.”

Tens of thousands rallied worldwide, in some cases pressing close to the symbols of American power: the Washington Monument and the White House in Washington, the U.S. air base in Frankfurt, Germany, and U.S. embassies in Greece and Cyprus. They also took to the streets throughout Europe, Asia, South America, and the Middle East.

The outpouring of anti-war sentiment comes one month after millions turned out for some of the biggest demonstrations in decades in capitals around the world.

In Baghdad, where the reality of U.S. power could arrive any day, hundreds of thousands protested against the policies of the country poised to invade them.

Whether fatalistic or feeling they could still make a difference, Americans came from great distances to challenge the march toward war and President Bush’s justifications for it. They said they were restless.

“The only thing I can do is get out in the street and say ‘You’re not doing this in my name,”‘ said Judy Ripley, 50, in Washington from Fort Myers, Fla. Don Ballinger, 42, brought his family from Berea, Ky. “I could make more of a difference here than I could at home right now,” he said.

Judy Robbins, 54, of Sedgwick, Maine, came on an 18-hour bus trip with her daughter Zoe, a nurse. “The alternative to being here,” she said, “is just to stay home and give up.”

Mara Verheyden-Hilliard, a Washington attorney, planned to join the protests.

“Iraq doesn’t pose a threat to the United States,” she said. “Everyone knows they have nothing to do with Sept. 11. The threat that the world is feeling right now is coming from the Bush administration.”

via Last-Ditch Anti-War Demos – CBS News.

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