Udpate 1: “APA: Pedophilia Orientation Classification was a Typo”

People can classify themselves as heterosexual, homosexual, asexual, metrosexual. There are endless sexual orientations under the sun, and now, pedophilia can be added to the list.

In the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM V), the American Psychological Association (APA) drew a very distinct line between pedophilia and pedophilic disorder. Pedophilia refers to a sexual orientation or profession of sexual preference devoid of consummation, whereas pedophilic disorder is defined as a compulsion and is used in reference to individuals who act on their sexuality.

APA’s decision has given rise to numerous pedophilia-advocacy groups, the chief of them being B4U-ACT, a non-profit grassroots organization based in Maryland. Created in 2003 primarily as a means for “minor-attracted persons” to be open about their sexual preferences in a supportive atmosphere, B4U-ACT is now widening the scope of their organization.

via Pedophilia Now Classified As A Sexual Orientation | Neon Tommy.

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  1. […] the correction, many right wing blogs continue to peddle the misinformation in an effort to rile up the brainless “Christian” […]

  2. Pedophilia has NOT been classified as a sexual orientation. The original story came from a student newspaper. The APA issued an official statement explaining that they continue to list pedophilia as a disorder, not a sexual orientation. You can search it online and quickly see the details.

    • The original story was reported correctly. That it came from a student newspaper has no bearing on the facts.

      The APA claims the misclassification was a typo – NOT the result of pressure from “right wing blogs”. Yeah, right.

  3. It is not saying there is a link between homosexuality and pedifilia… what i got frkm this post is that they are basicly justifying it or saying “well its ok/a preference to look at little kids underwear ads and fantasize about them/whack-off in the privacy of your own home.. thats normal…” but when they actually do it then its no longer a “preference” its a “disorder”. As a mother of 3 i am DEEPLY disturbed by this… they have support groups for sick perverts to sit around and talk about how fantasizing about children is ok…. as long as you dont touch them. Its sick.
    Its like they try and put it on the level of “bondage”…. its ok to fantasize about tieing someone up/raping/tortureing them as long as you dont really go out kidnap rape and torture hem for real…. only problem is it will NEVER EVER be ok or in ANYWAY SHAPE OR FORM acceptable to even flirt wih the idea of loking at an innocent baby/child as a sexual object!!! It makes me sick!!!

    • Well it’s not sick. If you know anything about history, other mammals and human biology it’s completely normal and natural. Remember, all mammalian females start sexual activity at the onset of puberty while males have to compete to mate meaning males are always older and females are always very young. Humans are no exception. Historically women have been pubescent and men have been older with some exceptions. For example, Marry bore Jesus at 13. Here is a little more history so you get a better understanding of how natraully dominant older man/younger woman relationships are:

      The problem today is that the irrational feminist moralized laws set in place in 1920 have run it’s course and are starting to falter as the current ‘information age’ exposes the logical fallacies.

      In the end, there will be a new condition called Child-Bride-Denial to explain the biase, violence and ageism of modern society:

  4. face it have told for centuries that the world die and go to hell.well welcome to the rebirth of humanity.

  5. Legalize pedophilia?…Expect the Ghost of Charles Bronson to fulfill “Death Wish” on the sickos and those that advocate it!

  6. Settle people, I do not see this as moving to make pedophilia legal. The amount of information is minimal and designed to make people over react so that we allow other distasteful groups have control of our bedrooms. To even use terms like metrosexual and homosexual shows that the author is bent on spreading misinformation to encourage fear and hate.

    • You’re right. My next babysitter will be “minor attracted”.

      I feel so much more compassionate, now.

      • Hey, I spent 11 years in Christian schools where I saw kids being bashed by Church folk. I don’t go around saying that all Christians are child abusers.

      • I see. That was very educational. Thanks for the lesson on logical fallacies.

        If you can point out such a generalization in the post it would be even more instructive.

      • My concern is that the author is wrongly connecting homosexuality to pedophilia. Even using the term metrosexual is highly inaccurate as Metrosexual isn’t a sexuality but a phrase to describe males who like to manicure themselves.

        Society isn’t going to accept pedophilia and neither is the World of Psychiatry, no mater what the nutty author says.

      • Nutty author? How about the nutty APA?

      • I’ve looked for what people are saying who are actually in that profession. I don’t think you’ll see pedos being accepted. They view pedophiles from research as people who mostly do not want to commit such acts but cannot control it. They don’t view it as a sexuality but as a mental health disorder.

        I would not ignore NAMBLA either.

    • Settle, my ass! Do you not understand that the FIRST step to introducing ANYthing, is to first familiarize your target audience with the topic material?

      Sometimes that process goes slow as fuck, and other times it’s quicker ‘n a long tail cat in a room full o’ rockin’ chairs!

      • No, you’re looking at this from the wrong direction. Sure there is that group of sickos trying get acceptance but they won’t.

        I actually took this to a friend of mine who is a therapist and the POV is that they are trying the same techniques they do people with issues such as eating disorders which won’t work with pedophiles. They should never be allowed to feel natural.

        It’s a clumsy attempt to throw it onto those in the field of Psychiatry. Most psychiatrists do not recognised pedophiles as being able to be fixed nor as being acceptable.

        So don’t panic.

      • I see no indication of panic.

        As you may know, NAMBLA has been pushing for decades not just for normalization, but rights and protections for the “minor attracted”.

        Ignoring this will not make it go away. In fact, dismissal is likely to acceleration our decent into savagery.

  7. Disgusting.


  9. what a sick world in which i dwell…

  10. Ahhh todays moderate, liberal, politically correct world at play.
    Sort of makes you feel warm and fuzzy (NOT) knowing that child molestation is now acceptable.
    Well done the APA. (Bunch of idiots)

  11. Well, one supposes that it is in fact, a sexual orientation so far as that goes. So as well is bank robbery a business. Both however, are also crimes as they victimize innocents.
    This is a worthy post; we best not be distracted from the ‘what’ by the ‘why.’

  12. The Vatican will be so happy to know this, with all those Loby Gay that he admit exist in the Vatican.

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  14. are you really serious?! this is outrageous and crazy, they are child rapists and that is the truth plain and simple!!!!

  15. that was craziness

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    There really is a ‘Gay Agenda.’ They’re going after our kids.

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    Pedophilia Now Classified As A Sexual Orientation


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