Indian government places Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube on the new policy

Indian has issued some new policies which social networks in the country must follow. Social media firms have come under heavy scrutiny in recent times over having too much power. 

India gives social media firms rules to follow 

On Friday, India has issued fresh rules for other social media outlets some days after they tried to put pressure on Twitter to remove accounts they deem offensive. The new tech policies mandate all social media firms to create new roles in the country. 

The required roles include 'a compliance staff' in charge of local laws, ' a grievance office' who will answer all complaints from Indians, and 'a contact personnel' who will be available to security officers all the time. All social firms will also publish a report monthly stating all complaints they took and how they settled the issues. 

Different times for top social media firms and small firms to comply 

These social media companies will also be mandated to eradicate some contents which show full or semi-nudity or sexual acts. Big social networks which would soon be explained are given just three months to comply with the rules, while small social networks must do so immediately. This new tech rule comes as tension between Twitter and the government remains hostile. 

Twitter unbanned some accounts the Indian government asked it to suspend for useless 'hashtags'. Though the media took down some accounts, it refused to ban others used by journalists and media officers. Facebook, Google, and Twitter are not facing the best of times, as many nations are placing them under scrutiny. Most governments consider these media firms to be powerful and are looking for avenues to reduce their powers.

India's minister of electronics, Ravi Shankar has insisted social media firms are welcomed to do business, but it must be within the best practices available and not breach national security. He also encouraged all media firms to comply with the rules within the time specified.