Cloud Telephony: An Incredible Asset for Today's Businesses

For a few years now, companies have fully integrated the use of cloud telephony in their daily life. It is very easy to make and receive calls via the Internet. The channels used are the connected media, which are very varied today. In short, the sound no longer travels through telephone cables. Cloud telephony is preferred by companies for many reasons. Here they are.

It Reduces Your Total Cost of Ownership

When a company decides to migrate its network to cloud telephony, it is above all to save more money. Indeed, a technology like air calls requires almost no maintenance on its phone park. All transmissions are made through the internet connection.

Moreover, Cloud Telephony is perfect when the company makes many calls, local or international. The installation process is better explained at For growing businesses, a simple monthly subscription provides access to enterprise-class call center features.

Excellent call quality

Did you know that? Cloud telephony technology is based on a codec. The particularity of this system lies in the fact that it allows the encoding and decoding of digital information. In practice, the call quality is exceptional. There are no breaks, which adds to the comfort of communication.

Of course, cloud telephony has nothing in common with the barely audible calls associated with some consumer software. In this case, the system's algorithm automatically calibrates the transmissions on the optimal network. The network is 99.99% stable, which explains why companies prefer this solution.

Better Productivity

Cloud Telephony users can also take advantage, like messaging service. It is a very advanced technological tool, which makes it easy to access for different collaborators. The benefits that are various:

  • Good call management;
  • Simplification of contacts;
  • Perfect integration with professional tools.

However, the advantages do not stop there, because Cloud Telephony is easy to integrate with CRM and other solutions used in business. All these tools can be synchronized, which saves a lot of time.