German government urged to support AstraZeneca vaccine for aged citizens

The German authority has been asked to administer the Oxford vaccine for elderly citizens. Germany is one of the countries that pegged the AstraZeneca vaccine to below 65 years.

The German government asked to give aged citizens the AstraZeneca vaccine 

A top German doctor has pleaded with the government to rethink and permit his aged citizens from 65 years above to take the Oxford-AstraZeneca jab. Speaking to international reporters, Carsten Watzl, who is a chief of the German Society for Immunology says the government will need to change its decision not to recommend the vaccine for older citizens. He said Chancellor Merkel needs to be administered the vaccine to prove its efficacy. 

German vaccine regulators are presently reviewing vaccines to be recommended. This call by the immunologist comes after the Scottish government proves that the jab works for all citizens. Germany and some other EU nations have had reservations over the usefulness of the vaccine on elderly people. 

The country is battling with preventing the third wave as cases continue to increase. The European Union health regulators have approved administering the AstraZeneca vaccine for everyone. But this had been met by skepticism after health officials in France, Italy and Germany said people over age 65 should not be given the jab. 

No data to suggest AstraZeneca vaccine works for aged people - German health officials 

They said there was no viable data to support that the vaccine is efficient for old people. The German medical officials have only used a paltry 310,000 from its 1.2 million does of the Oxford vaccine in its possession. Last month, the French President, Mr. Macron has insisted that the jab wasn't fully potent for all age groups, an assertion that was debunked by British medical authorities.

The pharmaceutical company itself said the vaccine can be used for everyone and there was no cause for alarm. The German authorities insisted that until further evidence shows otherwise, its position won't change.