How to create a chatbot on Facebook?

Your company probably has a Facebook page to provide information to the public. Great! Now you want to go further and build customer loyalty with a 24/7 online service? For that you need a chatbot on Facebook! Here, we will tell you what it is and its advantages.

What is a chatbot on Facebook and what is it for?

In an effort to provide more tools to advertisers, Facebook has recently integrated a new feature. To find out more look at this now, you have the possibility to implement chatbots in Messenger to answer frequently asked questions from customers and satisfy specific needs. But what exactly is a chatbot?

The word chatbot is composed of two parts: "chat", which means to converse, and "bot", which means a robot. Thus, a chatbot on Facebook is an artificial intelligence program, capable of talking with people, answering specific questions and automatically providing suggestions. It is thus possible to configure it to respond to the public, according to the profile and specific needs of each company.

To work, a Facebook chatbot must integrate with the Messenger chat application and operate from there. Let's see them now what benefits having your own chatbot can bring to your business.

Benefits of creating a Facebook chatbot for your business

A chatbot allows you to: 

- Offer personalized attention to your customers in real time ;

- Answer questions at any time of the day;

- Add useful features to your fan page;

- Build customer loyalty by answering their questions immediately;

- Set up scheduled responses, based on your different business goals;

- Provide basic care without having to pay someone to fill that role;

- Capture undecided customers by providing the answer they need at the right time.

In sum, it is important to remember that to get the most out of a chatbot on Facebook, it is essential that you determine what your main objective is.