Local referencing: what is it?

Many companies are looking for visibility on the internet to boost their activities. They use several methods such as paid referencing or natural referencing. The latter method of referencing includes local referencing. What is its principle and how does it work? This article brings you all the elements of the answer.

Principle of local referencing

Local SEO represents the Holy Grail for entrepreneurs, craftsmen, companies, and all the big brands that have branches everywhere. If you navigate to this web-site, you will see that in order to bring better results to Internet users, Google geolocalized its results, either thanks to your IP or according to the geographical criterion related to your request. For example, if you are looking for a hairdresser, Google will show you all the hairdressers in your area and not at the other end of the world. Local SEO allows you to be more visible to your local target. It allows you to increase your traffic in your different shops and on your platforms.

How is the local referencing done?

The basis of referencing goes through a well-optimized Google My Business page. This page represents you, your business card on Google. It provides all the information about your company and allows good interaction with your customers. It also informs in case of new information. In two minutes, you can create your listing. Pay attention to all the details so that an omission does not prevent you from being as visible as possible. When they are well optimized, 5% of the files lead the Internet users to visit the company's website or to make a call. 56% of Internet users visit the site, while 24% call. 20% of customers display the itinerary. Several points favor a good optimization of your Google My Business listing: attractive and quality photos, customer reviews, regular posts to promote the site. Local SEO is not complicated and is likely to bring you a lot of traffic.