Marketing KPIs: 3 indicators to follow

KPIs is literally the acronym of Key Performance Indicator. It is used in digital marketing to measure the impact of campaigns and marketing actions. KPIs will help you to manage your actions and to measure their impact. Here are some indicators to follow in this article.

Measuring the engagement of your site

Measuring the KPIs of your website is an essential step in your digital strategy. It's recommended to track them regularly. Google Analytics is perfect for this. Among these performance indicators we find for example the number of visitors i.e. the number of sessions! This is the number of visitors to your website. Find out more about the kpis for call centers here. 

Moreover, this data must be compared with the previous years or months. This will allow you to analyze the evolution of your site's traffic. There is also the source of traffic which is essential to know where the people who visit your website come from (Google, social networks, referral sites).

Kpis to track your performance on social networks

There are also KPIs specific to social networks like the number of subscribers. With this indicator, it is for example interesting to compare the number of your followers with that of your competitors in the same sector. The reach is also a good KPI. The reach will determine the size of the potential audience of a given message. It is the maximum number of people your publication can reach. The impression will measure the number of views of a publication on your page, regardless of whether the user interacted with that publication or not.

Kpis to track your email campaigns

Again, it is very important to track the performance of each of your email campaigns. Statistics are often available from the dashboard of your emailing solution. The open rate will designate the proportion of emails that were actually opened by your recipients after a campaign was sent. The click rate is the percentage of opened emails whose recipients have clicked on the links at least once. This tells you whether the content is interesting enough to encourage your readers to visit your website.