US lawmakers give the green light for President Biden $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package

After months of speculation, the House of Representatives in the US has finally passed the Covid-19 package by President Biden. In a vote which was decided along party lines, they agreed that the policy was necessary. 

US lawmakers pass President Biden Covid-19 package 

The US lawmakers have finally approved the coronavirus stimulus package of President Joe Biden late Sunday night. The democrats' majority fully supported the bill with no dissenting voice. The bill scaled through the house basically along party lines with 219 to 212 results.

All eyes are on the senate now where the fight for a wage hike and other financial aids will be tough. President Biden was happy about the results and hopes for a better showing when it reaches the senate table.

 '' There is no time to waste, all hands must be on deck for this nation to move forward ' He said on Saturday evening. By acting decisively and fast, we will beat the virus to reclaim our economic negatives. Americans have suffered and this package will make things easier for them economic wise. 

US Wage hike remains a contentious issue

The house committee on rules rebuffed many attempts for the Republicans to change the package. The democrats have said that the economic plan is needed to combat the pandemic which has claimed more than 490,000 American lives and sent many out of jobs. However, the Republicans had insisted that the package was too expensive and needed to be trimmed down. 

The package will cover vaccines, health supplies and give fresh financial aids to many households and businesses in all the tiers of government. Democrats are hoping that this bill will be signed into law before March ends. This is to prevent unemployment stimulus and various types of monetary benefits from expiring.