Wedding planning: 4 things to do a year before the big day

Planning a wedding is an exercise that requires the future couple to work meticulously. You can't just do what everyone else is doing; you have to plan everything for yourself. Here are a few things to do with 12 months to go before the wedding day.

The budget comes first; define it

Defining the budget is a crucial element although it is not always easy. It's a must because it will help you know what you're doing and the scope of the celebration. Whatever your financial means, you should set a barrier to the size of the wedding party. Unless you are relying on additional financial support, you should work within your budget. If you need a wedding planning service, click advice.

Estimate and set the number of guests for the day

Apart from other expenses going into the wedding, the number of guests you want for your festivity will determine your budget. If you already know this, then your budget will be on point. Don't invite everyone even if you want to. Define the number of guests you want and make a list of them. This will prevent you from having too many guests, some of whom will not have a place to sit. The same goes for the food.

Choose your date

Here is another important element to be specific about; the date of the wedding. The day, the season of the year in which it will fall, these are all factors that have to do with the accuracy of the big day. For a tip, set a date in spring to take advantage of the mild and pleasant weather.

Choosing a reception venue

After the two lovers are united, the reception accounts for over 60% of the time a wedding lasts. Choose a good venue where your guests can enjoy the delicious food you have in store for them. This is part of the wedding party planning process and should be done a little early. But not all venues will be available at all times.