What is the true place of fashion in society?

Fashion is a means of expression that greatly influences society. It is no longer a matter of sketches or fabric or color combinations, fashion actually rules the world today along with money. Men and women are becoming real chameleons with the sole purpose of always being in fashion. This is because fashion changes all the time, depending on the mood of the community, but during the short time that such is fashionable and we are up to date, we feel proud of who we are.

It's about timing, it's about culture, it's about who or what is making the buzz

Fashion is very volatile, a real weather vane. All it takes is for such and such a rather famous person to strut around in public in such and such an outfit and bam, he creates a new fashion and everyone wants to do like him. But as soon as someone else, who is just as famous or more famous, does the same thing in a different outfit, the previous one goes out of fashion. This also applies to any item. The networks have made it even more gaudy, especially Instagram where everyone is all cute and good looking. Lately the trend is to adopt a retro, 20s style clothing mood. The website https://the-roaring-twenties.com/ talks about it quite well. It may or may not change quickly, but the world is speeding up for it and it's important to keep up with it.

Fashion is not universal

The worst thing about fashion is that you don't always feel comfortable in the clothes. Unless of course you have an exceptional tailor. But for the average person, it's really not obvious. The person who started the fashion may have worn something that suits him personally. Now, because of his fame, everyone wants to be like him and is rather uncomfortable. But since others validate the clothing on oneself, the mind does the rest and gradually convinces oneself that one feels comfortable. Nevertheless, the photos are ultra calm and the followers do not fail to like so we forget the negative effects.