What to know about the trans dating site nexdoor ?

It is a platform on which you can meet transgender people. They are people who by the means of surgical operations become man or woman if it was not it of base. Created four years ago, it also welcomes gays, lesbians and heterosexuals. In this article, we'll tell you a little about the trans dating site nexdoor.

The features

The search criteria present on the site include age, gender with only photos. You can also make extended searches, just use more specific criteria. For news information on the subject, use the registration guide. You have the possibility to do regional searches on the site. This option is for those who want to meet people who are close to or in the same city as them. On trans nexdoor, there is a paid option that gives you priority in the search engines on the site. This way, you will appear at the top of the list in several searches. Psychological tests are offered and used in the matching algorithm of the site. You also have the option of blocking the members you have selected. Once the block button is activated, you will no longer receive messages from those you are no longer interested in. The private option is also available to allow the member to chat in private in addition to the webcam chat. The advantage is that with the webcam, you can chat while seeing the other

The price

The price varies depending on the subscription you choose. When you choose the trans nexdoor, you have three days of trial that will cost you fr1625,00. It is important to cancel it before the end of the trial period or you will have to pay the recurring subscription which is fr33500,00 per month. The payment is made with a credit card. This is the After trial-1 month subscription. The bronze subscription is also recurring for one month and costs fr15995,00 with the possibility of payment by credit card. The silver subscription requires a subscription over two months for an amount of fr32990,00. Finally the gold subscription with a subscription of three months that will take you, fr52485,00. It is important that at the end of each subscription to cancel it to break the payments. Otherwise, you will always be charged without the possibility of recovering the agent. Remember that there is no discount or coupon to make you pay less.


For registration, once on the site, you'll see a medium-sized form with ten boxes to fill out in total. It is also possible to register from their Facebook pages, which allows you to read customer reviews in passing. The trans nexdoor has an adaptive web design, which allows you to use it with any type of phone or computer. However, the mobile version of the site is not available yet. It is impossible to see the profile of the members of the site if you are not registered yourself. The objective is to protect the privacy of the members who are there. You have the possibility to import several photos from your gallery to put them on the profile and to show them to a suitor of your choice. 

These different information on this site will allow you to anticipate to make a good choice.